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  • Are kids staring at a screen for the whole camp time?
    No. We build in screen breaks every hour for kids to handle snack/water/restroom needs. We also include screen-free challenges for the kids to be engaged but not tied to a screen the whole time -- costume design, indoor scavenger hunt, coloring or craft time, etc.
  • Is there time for bathroom or snacks breaks in your camps?
    Absolutely! Each camp is a little bit different based on the age group, but they all have scheduled breaks every hour.
  • Do you have to have previous drama experience?
    Absolutely not! We welcome campers with all levels of performing arts experience. Our instructors are able to tailor each student's individual performance pieces to their level. With some camps we group students of similar experience levels together, so that we can offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of training and performance material.
  • Can siblings participate together?
    Yes! We allow up to 3 siblings of similar age to participate with 1 screen for no additional cost.
  • Do parents have to be involved?
    No. We have designed the camp activities to be self-managed by the kids! 3-4 year olds may benefit from a parent being in the same room if they need help opening craft supplies or something like that, but all activities are designed to keep the kids entertained & engaged so the adults in your home can get a break!
  • What are the teachers' qualifications?
    All of our Teaching Artists are professional theatre instructors. Many have advanced degrees in Theatre/Dance/Voice/Musical Theatre. They all LOVE kids and theatre! All instructors are thoroughly screened and background checked. Many of them teach for us year-round with our sister company, Forefront Arts, in Atlanta GA.
  • What do we need tech-wise to participate?
    We will be using an online classroom platform that uses video and microphone for each student. Check out our TECH page for specifics. Before each camp week we will offer 2-3 time slots to do a tech-check with our team to make sure your device is compatible with the program. We schedule these in the evening or the weekend before your child's camp so that if there are any glitches, we have time to coach you through the solutions without your child missing out on any camp experiences!
  • Can we do more than 1 camp week?
    Of course! Each camp week is self-contained, and many families enroll in multiple weeks throughout the summer. Each camp will follow a similar format to other themes in the same division (Creative Dramatics, Musical Theatre, etc) but the performance material will be different, and many activities are tailored to each specific camp theme!
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    When you enroll in a Virtual Drama Camp, your spot is reserved for you. We keep our camp sizes really small (10-14 kids depending on age group), so we often have to turn other interested kids away once the camp fills up. In order to be fair to everyone, these are the enrollment & cancellation policies for summer 2020: ​ ENROLLMENT and CANCELLATION POLICY Camp cancellations by the camper family through May 1 will receive a full refund, less a $35 administrative fee. After May 1 all camp registrations are non-cancellable and non-refundable, but we can transfer your registration to a different camp week if needed. MORE THAN 2 WEEKS (14 DAYS) BEFORE YOUR CAMP WEEK If your plans change up to 2 weeks (14 days) before your registered camp week, we can transfer your child to a different summer 2020 camp week or apply 50% of their tuition fee as a credit for summer 2020 workshops & masterclasses instead. Example: for a camp beginning June 22, transfer requests will be accepted through June 8 (14 days prior). All transfer requests must be in writing. LESS THAN 2 WEEKS (14 DAYS) BEFORE YOUR CAMP WEEK Within 2 weeks (14 days) of your registered camp week we can't make any adjustments to your registration. ​ No refunds will be given for lack of participation or once the camp week has started for any reason. Please review theto make sure you have a compatible device before registering. Virtual Drama Camps reserves the right to cancel a camp with less than 5 students enrolled. ​ If Virtual Drama Camps has to cancel a camp, we will offer all registered students the option to transfer to another camp theme that same week, transfer to their same camp theme during a different week in summer 2020, or receive a full refund. ​

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